No Preservatives

A great find from Dirtgazing contributor Donna Catterick!

Always Backroads

Although I think this will be preserved a long time.
no preservatives

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From the gutter

Dirtgazing 2-2-2016Today’s guest blogger is my granddaughter, Hannah. She’s 8, and lately told me that she’s interested in taking her “photography to the next level.” I am not entirely sure what that means to a third grader, but I took it as invitation to take her out on a photo walk.

She likes reflections, and found this one on her own. In fact, I didn’t even know she’d made the shot until I downloaded the images. And she got that little white feather in the shot!

So, let’s all welcome Hannah to blogging, and to that “next level.”

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 1.30.2016

Botanical Beach

IMG_9861-EditDirtgazing’s back!

To be honest, I was thinking of deleting it, since I hadn’t posted anything in more than a year, but then out of the blue, it got a new follower and a couple of new “likes.” I mentioned this to my blogging friend Ehpem, who was then kind enough to send along this wonderful shot that he made last spring at Botanical Beach, on Vancouver Island. And the cool part is that I was there when he made it!